Rotary valves for conveying fly ash

The ash with a temperature of 400 °C produced as part of the combustion process in conventional power plants must be output for downstream processing using a cellular wheel sluice as part of a controlled process.

The ZRS 275 HEAVYDUTY used features an external bearing and is driven using an ARPEX® clutch and a helical gear motor. In this process, the cellular wheel sluice and gear motor have been installed on a shared base plate featuring axle height compensation.

As a result of the low rotational speed of the 6-speed gear motor of merely 0.68 rpm the cellular wheel sluice and motor have been fitted on a shared base plate.

The base plate has been reinforced by a ladder-type frame to compensate for the vast torque of the helical gear motor amounting to 7,000 Nm.

ZRS 275 HEAVYDUTY is equipped with gland packing and high-temperature rolling bearings to safely master the temperatures of up to 450 °C.