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Welcome to Neue JÄGER Maschinenbau, your rotary valve manufacturer since 1985. We combine tradition and innovation in the development, manufacture and sale of rotary valves for a wide range of applications. Depending on product characteristics, tasks and working conditions, we provide you with suitable solutions based on the highest quality requirements. We will be happy to advise you!

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Rotary valves from Neue JÄGER Maschinenbau: Product portfolio

Our products are used worldwide as top components for the controlled discharge and metering of bulk materials into granular or powdery materials (pellets, granulates, etc.). As an experienced rotary valve manufacturer, we mainly serve customers from the food and beverage industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as the plastics and mineral industry. We have the right rotary valves for every task.

Depending on the application, a different rotary valve is suitable. We at Neue JÄGER Maschinenbau cater for every requirement, whether you are looking for a rotary valve for blow-through, medium pressure rotary valve, ATEX-compliant rotary valve in accordance with Directive 2014/347EU or tangential rotary valve.

Dosing rotary valve for pellets, powder & more: Select component according to material

Rotary valves have become an indispensable part of modern bulk material handling. They fulfil a wide variety of tasks for metering, feeding or discharging bulk materials. The conveyed medium can have a wide variety of properties that must be reliably handled by the rotary valve.

Therefore, simply select your metering rotary valve according to the application: We have suitable rotary valves with different chamber volumes for road salt, plastic granulates, pellets and more. Of course, as a product developer, we also make customer-specific adaptations. Simply contact us to discuss all the details in person

Your partner in machine and plant construction

In addition to the development and manufacture of rotary valves for demanding applications, we also undertake various activities for you in the field of mechanical and plant engineering. As a product developer and special machine builder with a modern and very well-equipped machine park, we are there for you in all aspects of CNC turning, CNC milling and more. Get more information about our contract manufacturing in mechanical engineering here.

Rotary valves and ATEX rotary valves for explosion protection according to RL 2014/34/EU.

Neue Jäger specialises in the development, manufacture and distribution of rotary valves for a wide range of applications based on the highest quality requirements.

Our products are used worldwide as top products for the controlled discharge and dosing of bulk materials as well as in pneumatic conveying systems for a wide range of media.

Neue Jäger has a type examination certificate for the use of rotary valves in potentially explosive atmospheres and supplies category I devices and autonomous protection systems for explosion decoupling according to RL 2014/34 EU.

Our Highlights

Clearing wheel rotary valves

Media that tend to stick to the chambers of the rotary valve can be reliably conveyed with scraper rotary valves. The scraper wheel scrapes the chambers of the rotary valve free and thus ensures reliable conveying.

Clearing wheel rotary valves

Rotary valves

Rotary valves are important components in conveyor technology. Get to know our complete range of rotary valves - from the simple design according to the Machinery Directive to the ATEX rotary valve according to Directive 2014/34/EU.

Rotary valves

FDA Rotary valves

For applications in the food sector, high demands are placed on hygiene. For this purpose, Neue JÄGER supplies FDA-compliant versions that also comply with RL 1935/2004 - also CIP-capable on request.

FDA Rotary valves

Neue JÄGER supplies ZRS 800 MRL COMPACT stainless steel rotary valve for large-volume bulk materials.

Neue JÄGER has supplied a rotary valve of size ZRS 800 MRL in material design 1.4301 for conveying large-volume bulk materials.

The rotary valve with inclined web plates in 1.4301 for aggressive conveying media enables a continuous conveying flow. The rotary valve is driven by an FA87 slip-on geared motor.

The inclined arrangement of the web plates on the rotary valve ensures that the medium is always conveyed evenly.

This avoids the pulsating conveying that occurs with conventional rotary valves.

Neue JÄGER Maschinenbau & You: Contact your rotary valve manufacturer

Whatever your request - as a rotary valve manufacturer with many years of experience, we are sure to find a tailor-made solution for your application. Please feel free to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.