Roary valves for plastic granules

Today, excess materials developing as part of CD and DVD production within the injection moulding process is directly reintroduced to save raw materials and increase the system's efficiency.

The ZRS 200 EASYCLEAN cellular wheel sluice used in this process features a rotor with bevelled stiffening rib and front plates.

In the past, plating delivery media had frequently collected and blocked the cellular wheel sluice, thus causing significant functional impairment of the cellular wheel sluice.

Thanks to bevelled front and stiffening rib surfaces on the cellular wheel, it is possible to reduce the friction loss of the rotor and thus cut the thermal loads applicable to delivery media, i.e. levels of plating and clumping delivery media have been significantly reduced.

The cellular wheel sluice was additionally designed as a quick cellular wheel sluice featuring rotor extension unit to accelerate cleaning.

We have cut the downtime of the cellular wheel sluice for essential cleaning processes by a factor of five.