Rotary valves for tobacco

The illustrated stainless steel variant of the ZRS 200 HEAVYDUTY type dual sluice is made of 1.4301 grade steel, features external bearings, and has been linked downstream as an output sluice featuring cyclone separator.

The pumped medium from the cyclone separator is around 300 °C and it is routed towards the cellular wheel sluice using the remaining twist. ZRS 200 HEAVYDUTY has been designed as a dual sluice to counter the high differential pressure and simultaneously high temperatures that form part of the process.

In this process, the lower air lock pipe is driven by a helical gear motor featuring an elastic shaft coupling which is simultaneously used to thermally decouple the gears. The secondary drive of the top air lock pipe is provided by a chain drive with a defined rotational speed ratio which is monitored by an inductive speed monitor.

As the pumped medium, originating from the tobacco industry, is abrasive, the input to the upper cellular wheel sluice features a HARDOX® insert to protect it from wear.