Rotary Valves for animal fodder

The ZRS 630 G COMPACT for conveying animal feeds was designed as a device that complies with the ATEX 2014/34/EU guideline; it replaces an older rotary air lock, which no longer meets the legal requirements. As the rotary air lock is deployed as a discharge lock in a vessel unloading system, the rotor were designed with elastic sealing lips to avoid malfunctions caused by the foreign bodies and solids which often occur in the conveyed medium. This has helped to drastically reduce the downtime of the old rotary air lock.

Fact file

  • Device designed for compliance with ATEX RL 2014/34/EU
  • With directly flange-mounted geared drive
  • Shaft sealed by means of radial shaft seal
  • Material steel 1.0570
  • Nominal conveying capacity 160 m³/h at 15 rpm.
  • Rotor with elastic sealing lips
  • Drive power 3.0 KW