Rotary valves for wooden pellets

Heating with wood is increasingly seen today as a useful alternative to the use of oil and gas. Wood is a natural and sustainable raw material and thus contributes towards conservative use of environmental resources. As a domestic fuel, wood is inexpensive with a stable price development.The ZRS 100 G COMPACT is used to convey wood pellets in wood-burning heating systems. The use of a rotor with elastomer sealing lips avoids damage to the pellets, and prevents pellets jamming. At the same time, the Vulkollan sealing lips ensure the differential pressure that needs to be applied for the downstream pneumatic conveying system.The design of the rotary air lock as a device in line with ATEX directive 2014/34/EU meets the required protection target of "freedom from ignition sources" – build sample approved and certified.

Fact file

  • With directly flange-mounted geared motor
  • Shaft seal with radial shaft seal
  • Housing material cast 0.6020
  • Rotor made of steel 1.0570 with Vulkollan sealing lips
  • Drive power 0.18 KW
  • Speed 30 rpm.