Rotary valves as metering sluice with dropoutbox

ZRS 160 COMPACT featuring AGS 160 feeder shoe is used within a pneumatic delivery system in the rubber processing industry.

The cellular wheel sluice has been designed as a metering sluice to monitor the supply of additions to raw rubber and control cross-linking properties as part of the vulcanization process.

The cellular wheel has been designed as a metering cellular wheel configured for specific supply quantities which can also be controlled directly using a frequency converter and a helical gear motor.

The Venturi nozzle of the feeder shoe has been calculated in relation to the pressure of the pneumatic slurry line to guarantee a reliable supply of the bulk goods to the delivery pipe. The feeder shoe features an easily accessible cleaning flap to simply and easily remove clumps of material.

In this process, ZRS 160 COMPACT with feeder shoe replaces an older blow-through sluice. The benefits of this concept lie in the simple structure of ZRS COMPACT and the option to use it as an autonomous protection system in the event of retrospective zone separation. The feeder shoe additionally guarantees homogeneous input to the pneumatic slurry line.