Rotary valves for dosing of plastic particles

The ZRS 70 XS K is used in the chemicals industry as a dosing rotary air lock for exhausting plastic particles. A fluid is admixed to the conveyed medium to improve its flow capability. However, as the fluid tends to react strongly to contact with metal surfaces, the ZRS 70 XS was designed to use plastics throughout.All components that touch the medium were made of polyamide PA6 in this design. The use of alternative plastics is also possible.

Fact file

  • ZRS 70 XS K
  • All components that touch the medium is plastics
  • Shaft sealed by means of radial shaft seal
  • Material Polyamide PA6
  • With directly flange-mounted angle gear drive
  • Drive power 0.18 KW
  • Speed 30 rpm.