Rotary valves for lead oxide

In deducting filter systems, rotary air locks are often deployed as the outlet device downstream of cyclone separators. The rotary feeder deployed in an existing filter system frequently failed due to blockades on the inlet side. The physical properties of the conveyed medium - lead oxide in this case - frequently caused deposits in the rotary air lock inlet area, thus leading to worrying blockades. The ZRS 200 XL replaced an existing rotary feeder and this reliably prevents blockades on the inlet side due to the square intake and outlet and the higher conveying capacity.

Fact file

  • ZRS 200 XL
  • With directly flange-mounted geared drive
  • Shaft sealed by means of radial shaft seal
  • Material steel 1.0570
  • Nominal conveying capacity 5.6 m³/h at 15 rpm.
  • Drive power 0.55 KW